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Inspiration: The Dream

… Lord, it makes me feel like S.Meyer to say that.

But yes. Gaining writing inspiration from a dream.  It’s definitely an interesting way of gaining your inspiration, since our dreams are generally free to imagine and can end up absolutely crazy. Admittedly, it’s not something I think about, because I don’t normally remember my dreams (and if I do, they’re not exactly writing material).

Last night’s was different. I actually had a dream from something that I would use in writing. I don’t want to touch on it too much right now, since I plan to write for it as soon as I flesh out the characters and the world. BUT I am excited by this one. Just make sure I don’t end up changing my NaNo idea to this.


SALES ► my poor bank account

So, I’m currently trying very hard to avoid being swept up in the amazingness of two make-up brand sales at once! E.L.F and Models Own are both having 50% off sales! I personally love Models Own, which makes trying to resist buying all of their stuff that much harder. Likewise, I’ve heard good things about E.L.F around the internet, which is always tempting. They’re already cheap, but who can say no to 50% off anything over £25?

I am supposed to be doing Project 10-Pan and avoiding blowing any more money I don’t have until I get a paycheque, but this is a definite test of will power. But I hope some of you will take advantage of these offers before they end on the 29th!

Models Own Sale: Reached 50,000 followers on Facebook. The discount code can be found there.

E.L.F Sale: Bank holiday sale. The discount code is here. European customers only.

HAUL ► shirts and watches

Sheer Cape Blouse Exhibit A: The Sheer Cape Blouse

A sale purchase from Warehouse, this blouse is everything I adore at the moment. Sheer, smart, and neutral, it can add femininity to a much harsher outfit, smarten you up, or be dressed down with the right bit of denim. I love this, but my only worry is that the cape might not translate once the trend dies down. Size-wise, it’s also a bit tight for me around the arms and when buttoned up, but I have horrible luck with shirts in that regard. So, it’s getting a secondary function of motivating me to work out a bit more.

Exhibit B: The Check Shirt

Comfy, casual and perfect for those days at uni (or, more accurately, at the pub). This check shirt from River Island caught my eye straight away and I admit to blindly picking the size, so like the chiffon shirt, it’s a bit tight. More reasons to lose weight, I guess! Thankfully, these kinds of casual shirts are a bit more forgiving in the trend department than the chiffon cape. It also comes with the plus of being a fitted shirt, instead of baggy.

Exhibit C: The Chunky Watch

I never used to wear watches, despite the fact that my mother always bought them for me. The resurgence of chunky watches, however, sealed the deal, and I nabbed a pretty cheap one at River Island. I love this thing. The lovely pearly sheen and gold-colour detailling is really lovely. I’ve definitely been wearing it a lot more than the more expensive watches my mum bought me, weirdly enough.

Attention ►

Meet luuux, a twist on the usual blogging site. You join, create your profile, like any other site, and blog about anything you want. The site offers categories like Design, Health and Beauty, Fashion, and Technology for you to browse.

But the hook of this site? Luuux$! A currency you can earn through creating entries, commenting, being active, and all your other usual activities on such a site. This currency can be used to redeem real items, such as iPhones and designer wear. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you can use a credit card as well as Luuux$, so they’re still making money. Personally, I’ve just started using the site, so I don’t know how legit these offers are, but it can’t hurt to try. If something dodgy seems to occur, you can guarantee people will blog about that.

I have my own account there, at Whimsical. Because Blogger has been behaving atrociously with me lately, I’m going to see how I feel blogging there for a while. When I miss blogger, I’ll probably dupe posts over.

GIVEAWAY ► congratulations, Sami!

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