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REVIEW/SHOPPING ► Face Masks and Promises

New Chantelle Face Masks! To the left is the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask, and to the right is Cucumber & Apple Reviving Face Mask.

These were in Müller for €0.95 or something. The packs are two separate masks, and after the My Beauty Diary one, I wanted to try something new out. They were pretty cheap in comparison to other masks available, especially as you get two per packet.  It’s definitely the least I’ve spent while in there!

I tried out the Dead Sea Mask, which they claim to be cleansing.  If nothing else, it’s certainly refreshing. It gives a nice minty tingle when breezes hit.  As for smell, it smells gorgeous too! Soapy and clean.  If you don’t like scents, however, this probably isn’t a good purchase. It’s quite strong.

Applying it was easy, and I think the clay mask was easier to apply than a paper mask (and more liquid than my BB cream, to be honest!) The mask should be left on for 10 to 15 minutes.  It works like any clay mask, dries on and is washed off.  Washing it off is pretty easy, I just splashed my face with lukewarm water.  Overall, nothing particularly notable in application or removal.

Effects: I would say my skin felt softer and cleaner, possibly just a bit softer than when I cleanse my face normally.

Overall: 4/5 For the price, I really like this mask. The only thing that seemed strange to me was how scented it was, even though it was a pretty scent.

Now, shopping!  Or the lack thereof.
A couple of days ago, I checked my bank balance and nearly threw up at how much I’ve been spending. I knew I shopped a lot, but I didn’t really realise the gravity of it until now.  Since I’m entering my last year of university, I really need to make sure my bank balance is in the black before I graduate, or I’ll have to start paying interest fees for being in my overdraft.  (And worse, I won’t be able to close my account and emigrate!)
The idea was first planted in my head by this wonderful entry from HanaLovely. But it only really became urgent after I saw my balance.  I always tell myself I love the challenge of finding new ways to create looks with what I have, but I also constantly become attracted to anything pretty and find myself going “OH IT WOULD BE PERFECT WITH THAT AND THAT…” and my wardrobe just gets bigger.  So, I’m setting myself a challenge to not spend any more money on clothing, shoes, or cosmetics until I return home and get a job.  I have a lot of trips planned before I leave Germany, but they all end up bogged down in shopping, which is unfortunate.

I don’t know how it will go, but I hope successfully! There is plenty of time left to buy all the things. ;D