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TREND ► IsaDore Ocean Drive & BeneFit’s They’re Real!

Check out these colours for the summertime range from IsaDora.  I am in love.  The eyeshadow palette needs to be in my life before I leave Germany.  The colours were so wonderfully bright when I gave them a quick swatch in Douglas.  They are definitely on my to buy list.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the eyeshadows on the site, so they may be in stores only.  If you’re lucky enough to have an IsaDora supplier near you, go look!

Now, I am a huge fan of BeneFit, especially their Bad Gal mascara.  But they’re finally releasing a new one, called They’re Real! and I am beyond excited.  The Mascara is released in Germany this month [and in the UK next month], so you can bet I will be taking the time to find my nearest BeneFit counter and buying one before I go home.  I love BeneFit’s flirty, cheeky retro branding, and the quality of their products is worth the money spent, in my opinion.  I have definite hopes for this mascara.

I have bought a few new things, since I have paid my last month’s rent and have money spare, but I am waiting to do an entry on them because my camera is being awkward.  But, for reference, I bought: I love… Juicy Watermelon lipgloss, Shiseido Satin Finish Eyeshadow (♥♥♥ my first Shiseido), and Soap & Glory facewipes.


REVIEW ► Art Deco Haul

My latest haul from Art Deco.
Clockwise from top: Art Deco False Eyelashes, Art Deco Luminating Concealer in #7, Art Deco Glamour Gloss in #56, Art Deco Blusher in #11
Blusher and Glamour Gloss close-ups without flash.
1. Glamour Gloss in #56
I almost never wear gloss, just because I dislike how sticky it is. I generally prefer lip balm and moisturising lip sticks.  Unfortunately, this gloss doesn’t change my mind.  It smells very pretty, and I do like the colour, which is nice and natural.  But oh boy is it sticky.  I’m trying to continue using it, just to see if I get more used to the texture, but it doesn’t look good. (Especially as I just bought Dior Addict lipstick!)
Rating: 3/5
2. Blusher in #11
I have wanted orange blusher for so long! But I’ve been rather terrified of looking stupid with it on.  This blusher changed my mind entirely.  Though I need to learn to apply less blusher than I normally do when I wear pink blusher, the colour is really cute, and builds up well.
Rating: 5/5
3. Luminating Concealer in #7
I am so terrible at remembering to buy concealer.  I finally decided to buy myself some well overdue concealer during this haul, and I’m quite glad I did.  Just twist and concealer is pushed up onto the brush.  Very simple, but it does run the risk of overloading with concealer if you’re not used to it.  Which is what I did.  I also think I might have needed a lighter colour, as it can darken when it dries.
Rating: 4/5
Wearing: Art Deco Make Up, BeneFit’s Bad Gal Mascara, MAC eyeshadow in Black Tie (as eyeliner), Shu Uemura Face Architect Foundation, and Seeshell Cosmo Circle Lenses in Aqua.