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REVIEW ► Garnier Movida Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in #13 [Noisette]

Due to factors like cost and hair health, I decided to temporarily stop bleaching and dying my hair with Directions hair colour.  It was a sad day, but it needed to be done.  Instead, I purchased a box of Garnier Movida hair dye.

The box promises six to eight weeks of colour in fifteen minutes, and a smell of apricot.  I can say that they certainly didn’t skimp on the scent.  Apricot could be smelled as soon as I opened the box, even on the instructions.

The box contains:
1. Instruction booklet
2. Gloves
3. Colour solution (brown bottle)
4. Mixer
5. Conditioner (small sachet on the instructions)

The colour is easy to prepare. You just need to unscrew the top from the brown bottle, and screw it into the white one;
After that, just shake madly.

From there, one applies the colour normally- apply gloves, squirt it all into your hair and massage.

Wait for fifteen minutes before rinsing. I wore a shower cap over it, but still experienced dripping, unfortunately.  (I also waited 25 because I got distracted.)  However, the dye washes off skin rather easily; probably because this is only a level II/semi-permanent dye.

Before and After!
Before; as you can see, my hair was very pale, apart from my roots.

After; The colour is light and has a slightly coppery tone to it after I washed it out. My roots are still darker, but I expected that. At least they don’t look as obvious now.

Colour after two washes:
The colour has faded very slightly after washing, but it was mostly the intense, coppery tone that faded.  I’m happy with that, as the colour is less stark and there are slightly lighter streaks in my hair.

Overall, I think I’d rate this product a 7/10.  I liked the price (though it was on sale) and the results, especially after it faded.  However, I wasn’t so fond of the copper tone of the results and the liquid formula is inconvenient.  (Not to mention the typical home dye gloves!)