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REVIEW ► Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Shampoo & Conditioner

Manuka Honey is famed for its caring properties, and is highly sought after by those who can afford it.  It’s graded in activeness, from 5 upwards. A while ago, I heard about this Manuka Honey shampoo, and being the lover of all things honey scented, I had to pick it up as soon as I could.

Dr. Organic’s Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner cost about £6 each.  They claim to have 30+ active, which is a rather decent level.  For such a price, it’s a bargain!

The shampoo itself does smell like raw honey, and it’s quite a strong and distinctive smell.  For me, it makes shower time a lovely place, because it smells so nice.  However, on application, I found it was quite difficult to get it to foam correctly.  I’m not sure if this is because I’m using the wrong “technique” or something, but my hair doesn’t seem to function well with this type of shampoo.  My hair is short and bleached, so having to use a rather big dollop twice in one shower is quite disappointing for me, and I would recommend that people exercise caution when using this shampoo. If you have your hair dyed a “crazy” colour- for example, pink or blue- I would also be cautious when trying it, just due to the fact that having to shampoo twice will probably make your colour fade quickly (mine certainly did, though Directions also has a reputation for it…).

However, when used with the Manuka Honey Conditioner, it works wonders.  My hair is always so soft and shiny, and speaking as someone who has heavily colour treated her hair for almost ten years, that is always amazing.

Overall, I do like this product, but I am more biased towards the Conditioner at the moment.  The problems I’ve had with the shampoo (I initially hesitated on reviewing this product, as the water pressure in my mum’s shower makes shampooing my hair difficult at the best of times, but after trying it in my own apartment, it wasn’t solely the fault of the showerhead) disappointed me slightly.  However, I will never turn down organic shampoos, since they are wonderful.

Dr. Organic can only be found at Holland & Barrett stores in the UK, though the H&B online store delivers to the whole of Europe.

An alternative to Dr. Organic is the Naked Bodycare brand.  They claim to be 97% natural, and market for a similar price.  I’ve also tried them, and found their products good (and I think their packaging is also slightly better).

Edit: Having used this shampoo again in the last couple of days, I can attest that my problems were a “technique” thing.  Because natural shampoos use different ingredients, the foaming power is a lot less.  With this shampoo, it’s best to work it in as soon as you pull your head from under the shower and don’t wait. This will give it the best foam and workability.