About Me & Urban Fantasies

Why Urban Fantasies?
Well, the title was pretty easy to pick – after trying a few others, admittedly! – I’m from an urban area, I adore Urban Decay make up, and Urban Fantasy is a genre of story-writing that I love to play with. It made sense to use urbanfantasies, because it combines everything I hope to bring to my blog; make up and fiction that bring out the more mystical side of a modern city.

But who are you?
Me? I’m just your average young adult. Final year undergraduate student in the UK, city girl in love with a country boy, addicted to colour, beauty, and constantly changing my mind.

Super, now tell me some real stuff about you!
I study German in the UK and adore Germany, because it is a gorgeous country with beautiful architecture. I rarely take good photos. I love indian food more than I can express. I enjoy writing characters who develop over the course of a story and who change the world because of the person they are, not because of some special ~magical power~. I want equal rights for all people in all walks of life.

We’re not going to get treated to political rants, are we?
No, since I save those rants for friends who I know are interested and will listen to my rambling. This is purely a place to dump less heavy minded things. Though there may be the occasional bit of fiction that hits upon equality themes or politics. I can’t guarantee.

How do we get in touch?
1. Leave a comment on an entry.
2. Email me at urbanfantastical @ gmail.com [minus spaces!]

Do you think we could be friends?
Of course! Why couldn’t this happen? If you want to talk to me, use the get in touch methods, and I’ll send you my IM contact details.

I have a blog too! Would you mind looking/following/promoting?
I’ll gladly look at any blog links that don’t seem like spam, and follow any that interest me. However, promotion is reserved for pages I personally choose to be “must reads”. I hope this isn’t a problem

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