HAUL ► shirts and watches

Sheer Cape Blouse Exhibit A: The Sheer Cape Blouse

A sale purchase from Warehouse, this blouse is everything I adore at the moment. Sheer, smart, and neutral, it can add femininity to a much harsher outfit, smarten you up, or be dressed down with the right bit of denim. I love this, but my only worry is that the cape might not translate once the trend dies down. Size-wise, it’s also a bit tight for me around the arms and when buttoned up, but I have horrible luck with shirts in that regard. So, it’s getting a secondary function of motivating me to work out a bit more.

Exhibit B: The Check Shirt

Comfy, casual and perfect for those days at uni (or, more accurately, at the pub). This check shirt from River Island caught my eye straight away and I admit to blindly picking the size, so like the chiffon shirt, it’s a bit tight. More reasons to lose weight, I guess! Thankfully, these kinds of casual shirts are a bit more forgiving in the trend department than the chiffon cape. It also comes with the plus of being a fitted shirt, instead of baggy.

Exhibit C: The Chunky Watch

I never used to wear watches, despite the fact that my mother always bought them for me. The resurgence of chunky watches, however, sealed the deal, and I nabbed a pretty cheap one at River Island. I love this thing. The lovely pearly sheen and gold-colour detailling is really lovely. I’ve definitely been wearing it a lot more than the more expensive watches my mum bought me, weirdly enough.

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