TREND ► IsaDore Ocean Drive & BeneFit’s They’re Real!

Check out these colours for the summertime range from IsaDora.  I am in love.  The eyeshadow palette needs to be in my life before I leave Germany.  The colours were so wonderfully bright when I gave them a quick swatch in Douglas.  They are definitely on my to buy list.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the eyeshadows on the site, so they may be in stores only.  If you’re lucky enough to have an IsaDora supplier near you, go look!

Now, I am a huge fan of BeneFit, especially their Bad Gal mascara.  But they’re finally releasing a new one, called They’re Real! and I am beyond excited.  The Mascara is released in Germany this month [and in the UK next month], so you can bet I will be taking the time to find my nearest BeneFit counter and buying one before I go home.  I love BeneFit’s flirty, cheeky retro branding, and the quality of their products is worth the money spent, in my opinion.  I have definite hopes for this mascara.

I have bought a few new things, since I have paid my last month’s rent and have money spare, but I am waiting to do an entry on them because my camera is being awkward.  But, for reference, I bought: I love… Juicy Watermelon lipgloss, Shiseido Satin Finish Eyeshadow (♥♥♥ my first Shiseido), and Soap & Glory facewipes.

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