WANTS ► Dresses, Backpacks and Cameras, oh my!

Casting Shadows Dress by Cheap Monday
Found at ModCloth

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Don’t you just love the way it drapes and the awesome handkerchief silhouette?  It just looks like the perfect way to make any ensemble unique.

Floral Backpacks
Left from ASOS, Right from Urban Outfitters
Ever since seeing floral backpacks about, I’ve wanted one so badly, but never found any that were just right. Either of these two would make me delighted.
Floral Satchel
From Oasis
Can you tell I’m head over heels for girly floral print bags at the moment? No?
Crepe Kimono Sleeve Dress
From Oasis
I love the simplicity of this dress. Neutral, but interesting! Lovely and timeless.
Fisheye Cameras!
Both from Urban Outfitters
I can’t help myself. These cameras are so adorable. I’d love one of them.
Heels That Suit You
Just perfect. A little quirky, but not too much.
Lorissa Spike Pump by Sam Edelman
Nude heels. Covered in studs and spikes. Need I go on?

Pixie Cut Wedge by Jeffery Campbell
This design is too cool. I don’t know why I love the cutouts, they’re normally not my style. But these are so different.
  1. ahhh! i love the spike heels!!! btw, thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

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