REVIEW ► Fruttini Lime & Mint Cooling Spray

I was about 14 when I discovered the invention that are cooling sprays. At that time French Connection were producing their own, which I religiously used to cool down with when I woke up.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen that spray in years, and thought my cooling spray hunt was over, when I discovered this spray in Müller.

The spray cost about €3, if I recall correctly.  Fruttini has other scents for body spray, but this is the only one they claim as “cooling”.
As for the cooling claim, it does work! A couple of spritzes of this on your skin helps temporarily cool you down in the hot sun.  Unfortunately, temporary is the key word here.  Because it’s a liquid spray, it only cools your skin, so one spray will not keep you cool for the entire day.
Scent-wise, the spray is lovely.  It is a fresh scent that isn’t too sweet or overpowering, and I love spraying it just to smell it.  It makes me want to try more of the Lime & Mint Range.
As well as Lime & Mint, Fruttini offers Pineapple Prosecco, Lychee Vanilla, Ginger Passionfruit, Cherry Vanilla, Coco Banana, Milky Orange, and the new Strawberry Starfruit. Every variety has a shower gel, body spray, and some type of lotion.  The ranges are grouped as; “Fruttini Sorbet” and “Fruttini Gourmet”, and this affects the type of things they have.  The site offers images of each product, but they are slightly small, so reading the bottles can be tricky.
The homepage is

My personal feelings towards this product is that I would certainly keep using it. It’s just right to cool me down during a day in the park, and the lovely scent makes it very appealing.  The spray didn’t cause any bad effects on my skin, which often gets quite irritated or dry, which is another plus mark. I am also tempted to try some of their other scents, as the prices looked quite reasonable in-store, and Müller is close to my campus.
I’m not sure if it is possible to order/buy this range outside of Germany, but I will try to find out.

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